Prosthetic Records sign 14-string guitarist Felix Martin, live video available

Prosthetic Records have announced the signing of Venezuelan guitarist Felix Martin. Martin writes and performs a hybrid of prog-metal and jazz on a 14-string guitar that he built himself. The guitar features two left-handed 7-string guitars on one wide neck that allows him to play both guitars simultaneously, allowing for his unique system of 8-finger chords and slap-tapping techniques.

Martin commented on signing to Prosthetic Records by stating the following: “For me, the most important concepts in music (and life) are innovation and creativity. Prosthetic is one of the very few labels that works with artists who have unique visions of music, and who offer something different to the world. I can’t be more thankful with Prosthetic for supporting my vision and letting me be myself.”

Martin’s Prosthetic debut, ‘Live in Boston,’ will be released across digital platforms on the 5th June. The album, which features Guitar Center Drum-Off 2011 Champion JP Bouvet on several tracks, includes material from Martin’s self-released debut, ‘Bizarre Rejection,’ a handful of songs from his forthcoming studio album, and two tracks exclusive to this release.

You can view a live video for the track ‘The Triangle Tune’ over at Guitar World. Felix gave Guitar World a description of how to play the track with his guitar:

“This song is divided into three parts. There are two reasons why I called this song ‘The Triangle Tune.’ One is because of the main chord on Part I. It is basically a minor 7 chord with every tension on it, having a triangular chord shape on each neck/hand. I call this chord the ‘Triangle Chord,’ and it’s played as lead distorted tone instead of clean/arpeggiated on this song.

“First Neck/Right Hand: R, 5th, 3rd (Triangle Shape) and an extra finger for the 13th. Second Neck/Left Hand: 9th, 11th, 7th(Triangle Shape) and an extra finger for the 11th.

“The second reason it’s because the method that I’m using on Part II. Here I’m using three chords only (D-7#11, A-7#11,G-7#11) but I’m featuring three inversions of each one of them, making some sort of ‘Triangle Cycle.’ This is played using standard guitar technique.

“Part I (0:00) this is probably one of the most difficult sections that I ever played on the 14-string guitar. It features very fast leads and complex runs, very often using odd meters like 15/16 and 5/8. It is also hard to keep the resistance through the whole Part, because it doesn’t have many breaks and it features 16th and 32nd notes only.

“Part II (2:03) For this part, I wanted the song to breath a lot, making it softer, prettier, jazzier and having some sort of complexity at the same time. It keeps growing the intensity through each section until the solo improvisation at 03:39.

“Part III (5:55) This part is based on a repeating theme from Part I, having constant changes on the rhythm.”

5/24 Lisboa, Portugal – FNAC Vasco da Gama
5/24 Evora, Portugal – Molhobico
5/25 Viseu, Portugal – FNAC Viseu
5/25 Tondela, Portugal – ACERT
5/26 Porto, Portugal – Jazz Ao Norte
5/27 Lisboa, Portugal – FNAC Colombo
5/31 Madrid, Spain – Excalibur Metal
6/2 Torrevieja, Spain – The Lounge Bar
6/5 Paris, France – Le Baiser Sale
6/8 Bassano Del Grappa, Italy – JO Bar
6/9 Padova, Italy – Termina
6/10 Udine, Italy – Black Mirror Studio
6/13 Budapest, Hungary – Vadvirag
6/15 Schortens, Germany – Fair Cafe
6/16 Stuggart, Germany – Die Palette
6/18 Oslo, Norway – Skuret
6/20 Krakow, Poland – Piec Art
6/23 Prague, Czech Republic – Jazz Time
6/24 Wurzburg, Germany – Immerhin
6/26 Arhus, Denmark – Gyngen
6/28 Leeuwarden, Holland – Mukkes
6/29 Terneuzen, Holland – De Pit
7/4 London, UK – The Dublin Castle
7/6 Faro, Portugal – Live Music
7/6 Loule, Portugal – Bafo de Baco
7/7 Guia, Portugal – FNAC Algarve
7/7 Faro, Portugal – Assoc. Musicos de Faro


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