Protest The Hero begin work on new album

Protest The Hero have begun work on the follow up to their 2011 release ‘Scurrilous’ after posting a message on Twitter that states they are currently doing a little pre-production.

Last year I interviewed Arif Mirabdolbaghi at Sonisphere and I asked if the band would stick to the routine of releasing an album and waiting three years before the next. Arif stated at the time he would prefer to tour less and write more or even start releasing seven inch records to keep the flow of new material going. “What I would like to do in a sense is tour less and write more. I’d like to be release a series of seven inches or constantly have something new on the go because I think one of the benefits of being in a band is flexing that creative muscle and by the end of a two year album cycle it’s not that you hate the songs but you’re just so ready to move on. That’s what it has been so far and what it will be probably be on this album cycle also.”


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