Protest The Hero frontman and bassist start country band

Protest The Hero frontman Rody Walker and bassist Arif Mirabdolbaghi have started a country style project together known as Refugees. Rody and Arif have released four songs to date but currently have no true plan as to what they will do with the music other than record and release it online for the time being.

These are just some songs I’ve been writing. Certainly the style deviates quite drastically from Protest The Hero but I’m having a lot of fun writing the songs, and I hope it’s a little fun for you to listen to.

Two of the songs currently were recorded by Cameron Mclellen and the other two were recorded separately by Arif and myself. Arif contributes the Bass, banjo, lead guitar and some harmonies, while I play the rhythm guitar, and the harmonica (quite horribly might I add).

I haven’t figured out exactly what my plan is, but I’m open to suggestions. For the time being I’m going to continue writing and recording them, and posting them here for you to listen to.



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