Puddle of Mudd release album

Multi-platinum recording artists, Puddle of Mudd, have just released their highly anticipated album, Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate!

The album follows the phenomenal success of the bands third release, Famous, and features the hook-heavy single, “Spaceship.” Puddle Of Mudd re-enlisted the talents of Brian Howes, who produced the aforementioned Famous and John Kurzweg, who produced 2001’s album, Come Clean, to create yet another album that will not disappoint.

Ask Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin about the writing and recording of new album Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love and Hate, and he responds with the same spirit of carefree wanderlust that defines his band: “It’s all easy peezy, dude, no big deal at allR30;”

On Volume 4, Scantlin does deliver the same savvy lyrics that fans have come to expect since the band’s multi-platinum debut, Come Clean, weaving subtle innuendo and not-so-subtle lyrical wordplay around vocal hooks so thick, they even seem to make life’s more sour realities easier to swallow. Case in point, “Psycho,” the smash single from the band’s 2007 release Famous that rationalizes a relationship with, “maybe I’m the one, who is, a schizophrenic psycho?”

Volume 4 is a homecoming for Phillips, who left the band shortly into the recording process for Famous. Despite the success of “Psycho,” something was missing, and when Phillips and Scantlin reconnected earlier this year, all the prior tension had melted away and their chemistry was rediscovered.

“This was probably the easiest and most collaborative record we’ve ever made,” said Phillips, who described the process as, “a piece of cake, man” – on the sliding scale of Puddle of Mudd-speak, a description that’s right up there with “easy peezy.” “I stayed at Wes’ house, and we had a lot of late-night writing sessions over a bottle of Kettle One and a bottle of Southern Comfort. Just the two of us on his couch with acoustic guitars, and I’d record shit on this little hand-held recorder, play it back the next day, and not remember any of it!”

Even if they are exaggerating just a little, it still speaks volumes to the innate chemistry within the band, a chemistry that resonates throughout Volume 4. Lead single “Spaceship” blasts off into the Puddle of Mudd stratosphere of mixed metaphors and sexually-charged sing-alongs. Let’s just say that the spaceship isn’t the only thing blasting off.

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