Refused are not reforming

It is still not 100% but it would appear that Refused may not be reuniting after the website update that has excited so many people worldwide.

The hardcore punk bands website has been updated with the banner “Refused Coming Soon…” and the logo of Epitaph Records but news is now surfacing that the band is scheduled to release a live album which was part of their contract and to promote this, the label has decided to make a new website. It is also said that they will re-release the 1998 album ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’.

Lead vocalist Dennis Lyxzén is said to have given the other members the thumbs up if they wished to tour under the name and perform their songs but with a new vocalist. Though further hopes of the 1998 line-up reuniting is unlikely due to Jon Brännström suffering from chronic nerve damage in his wrists and therefore would not be able to drum.


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