Refused frontman discusses reunion rumours

Refused frontman Dennis Lyxzén has responded to the rumours of the bands reunion in a fresh interview in relation to the reissue of ‘The Shape Of Punk To Come’.

Keith: As a music fan yourself, don’t you have those bands you collect but wish you’d seen at the time? You can appreciate the fans that like Refused but never saw you or learned about you after the fact?
Dennis: For sure. One of the constant questions we debate on tour is: if you could be alive for a year in time ? a music year in time ? what year would it be? If you could travel back in time, what year? One city, one year. There are tons of bands I grew up listening to like that. I grew up in a small part of Sweden. It’s not like I got to see hardcore bands or punk bands come to town. We had to invent everything ourselves so there are tons of bands I wish I could have taken part of but they were out of my reach. It’s the same for people that never got to see Refused live. They want to understand what we were doing, were a part of. Hopefully they come to see some of my other bands to catch a glimpse of what we were doing in the ’90s.

Keith: I’m glad you put it that way. There’s something to be said for having not reunited Refused because it wouldn’t be the same.
Dennis: No, it wouldn’t. To be in that band is one of those things that half the time I’m sympathetic and understanding towards why people would do it. The other half, it’s just such a useless manoeuvre. It’s a defeatist attitude but if your objective is to play music with your friends and have a good time, there’s no harm in reuniting your band for a couple of shows. For us, there have always been so many other aspects of what we did, that it always felt like a complete no-no. You can’t do that shit. Minor Threat never got back together. That’s kind of our take on it. With some things, the legend is better than the actual thing.


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