Rival Sons release Face Of Light music video

Rival Sons have released a music video for ‘Face Of Light,’ the third single to be released from their second studio album ‘Pressure & Time.’

“We really wanted to do a video for the song and it’s more of a song that features Jay [Buchanan] so we were trying to work out a way to feature him a lot more in this video rather than the whole band” commented Michael Miley to EspyRock. “We brought this one a little bit back so there is no big stage now or anything crazy that we have to cope with. ‘All Over the Road’ we did on a sound stage and ‘Pressure & Time’ was filmed in twenty three locations which was just crazy [laughs]. So yeah, this one is just going to be very simple with some real beautiful camera shots. It was shot in the Peak District in the UK and it’s really beautiful down there. I think chicks will really dig this video [laughs]. The dudes will be go “hmm, I thought these guys were tough” [laughs].”

Rival Sons frontman Jay Buchanan comments: “I am happy to say that our record ‘Pressure & Time’ is about to give us our third single with the song ‘Face of Light’. This is a very special song to us and I am delighted to put out a single with a positive message that can still break a tooth. Three singles from one record; I am so thankful for the support we’ve been shown. This will more than likely be our last single from the P&T record, so it’s a fitting farewell to an unforgettable year with a song so personally close to the vest for me.”

The band will be releasing their third studio album in August or September this year. Read my interview with drummer Michael Miley here for information on their new material.


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