Rock Prophecies

I feel slightly disappointed in myself for never hearing of this gentleman and of this documentary till today.

Rock Prophecies is the story of Robert Knight, the photographer who has the pictures to prove he was there before Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and others became famous.

Robert has simply just walked up the to stage and security believed that due to his camera, he was a member of the band which gave him access to some of the most legendary artists and bands to have ever performed.

Nothing will ever reach the height of being the last person to ever photograph Stevie Ray Vaughan alive, as on the same night, 35 year old Stevie Ray Vaughan, while travelling to the next venue on tour with Eric Clapton, would die along with the pilot and three other individuals, when his helicopter crashed into a hill straight after take off.

40 years, 6,000 rock stars and 200,000 photographs later, Robert Knight is about to take his last shot.

This incredible documentary explores the life of Robert Knight, his full career and follows him as he looks to help the bands become future legends like those we admire today.

Believing he has discovered the next Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert puts his reputation and career on the line to help a 16 year old boy he discovered online, Tyler Bryant (, make his history.

He has promoted The Answer and Panic at the Disco before they ever made it, he even convinced Sick Puppies to sell everything they had and to move to the US, and what came of his faith and word? These bands have all made it.

It will be sometime before I ever see this documentary living in the UK.

If you have had the pleasure, please tell us what you thought of it.


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