S.O.S. to release I Owe You Nothing in June

S.O.S. will release ‘I Owe You Nothing’ on Good Fight Entertainment on June 21, 2011 in Europe. The band which features Scott Vogel from Terror (vocals), Chris Beattie from Hatebreed (bass), Matt Henderson formerly with Agnostic Front, Madball (guitar), Nick Jett from Terror (drums) and Sam Trapkin from Trapped Under Ice (guitar).

The band got together over several New York winter days to record their debut EP. At the helm of production was Dean Baltulonis, a producer and engineer who has been involved with some of the genre’s most iconic recordings, and was a natural fit for the session.

S.O.S. emerged with a concise, tried and true, no frills hardcore EP.

Track listing:

1. Decontrol [Intro]
2. Keep Me Outside
3. Part Of The Disease
4. The Hard Truth
5. I Owe You Nothing
6. Never A Brother
7. Choking On Dust

There will also be a vinyl version through Reaper Records



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