Sarah Jezebel Deva sign deal with Listenable

After spending 14 years in Cradle Of Filth as a backing singer, Sarah Jezebel Deva also spent six years in Therion and Mortiis. Sarah has sung on over 35 albums with bands including The Kovenant , The Gathering, Mystic Circle, Trigger The Bloodshed and many others. In 2005, joined forces with Chris Rehn and created Angtoria and received an amazing response in Europe.

Although under her solo name, Sarah Jezebel Deva is a touring band and a tight one. “The Corruption Of Mercy”will be released in late June

Sarah comments:

“We are extremely proud and excited to announce that we have signed a 3 album deal with the mighty Listenable Records. We have slowly been writing the new album “The Corruption Of Mercy” over the last 12 months, in between shows and other musical priorities at Escape Route Studio’s in Essex, England. A majority of the album was written by myself and Dan Abela but further down the line, we enlisted the help of Pzy Clone from The Kovenant for his amazing orchestrations and programming. Pzy Clone truly was the icing on the cake for this album. In our eyes, this album should have been the first cd released under the SJD name and we feel its totally on par with Angtoria’s “God Has A Plan For Us All”. The release date will be June 20th and it couldn’t come sooner for us! ”

Line-up :
Dan Abela – Guitars,
Jamie Abela – Drums,
Jonny Gray – Guitars,
Ablaz – Bass,
Sarah Jezebel Deva – Vocals

More info and new album songs will be posted shortly on


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