Saviours announce album release and UK tour

Rooted in hardcore punk but preferring to cruise in outer space, the lysergic hessians of Saviours have always brought a ton of swing and swagger to their forward-charging heavy metal. The band melds sounds from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, progressive rock, and proto-doom, and delivers it all with a snarling West Coast hardcore edge. The result is an absolute beast of a sound that is all Saviours’ own.

Since the 2006 release of Saviours’ first album, Crucifire, the band has worked relentlessly, touring North America, Europe, and Japan with the likes of Mastodon, The Sword, High On Fire, Saint Vitus, and Witchcraft. In a few short years, Saviours have risen to become stalwarts of the world’s metal scene, ambassadors of an aggressive-yet-stoned West Coast vibe, inspired by the 70’s but totally real and relevant in 2011.

Kemado Records now proudly announces the release of Saviours’ fourth album, “Death’s Procession”, which hits the streets October 3rd

“Death’s Procession” is a rebirth of sorts. The years of making music and touring the world under the Saviours banner have refined founding members Austin Barber (guitar, vocals) and Scott Batiste (drums) into a killing machine and have helped them re-envision their musical path. With guitarist/vocalist Sonny Reinhardt (ex-Watch Them Die) and new bassist Carson Binks (ex-Parchman Farm), “Death’s Procession” sees Barber and Batiste reaching back to their early musical inspirations and tearing into the future with newfound lust. Batiste states, “The main influence on this album was to go back to where we started – Sabbath, Maiden, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy…”

Lyrically, “Death’s Procession” centers around the concept of mankind’s inevitable march toward its destiny. Batiste elaborates, “The whole record is a trek through Earth’s demise which everyone contributes to, oblivious or not. It’s a procession toward death. The world has gone insane. Humans have become apathetic, greedy, self-centered, over-medicated, delusional parasites in a filthy, drained and deflated world. It’s hopeless now, too far gone. Now we wait. That’s what this record is about. Earth’s possession and death’s procession.”

Death’s Procession was recorded by Phil Manley (of Trans Am and The Fucking Champs) at Lucky Cat in San Francisco. Guest appearances come from Earthless’ Isaiah Mitchell (guitar on “God’s End”) and tattoo artist Tim Lehi (guitar on “Earth’s Possession & Death’s Procession.”) None other than Church Of Satan founder Anton Lavey makes an appearance of sorts — says Batiste, “the crazy organ sounding thing through the beginning is Austin’s guitar thru Anton Lavey’s old black Leslie, purchased from Lavey’s estate sale… shit sounds absolutely terrifying in person.”

Death’s Procession’s striking black-and-white cover art comes courtesy of tattoo artist Derrick Snodgrass.

Saviours continue their path of tireless world touring, hitting the road this fall for a full North American tour with Weedeater, followed by a full UK tour in November:
11/1/11 TUE UK Stoke-On-Trent Harry’s Bar
11/2/11 WED UK Manchester Gulliver’s
11/3/11 THU UK London Unicorn
11/4/11 FRI UK Plymouth White Rabbit
11/5/11 SAT UK Oxford Wheatsheaf
11/6/11 SUN UK Brighton Prince Albert

“Death’s Procession” is released via Kemado Records on October 3rd 2011.


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