Scars On Broadway to write new material?

Rumours are surfacing with mentions on forums and an email tip that Scars On Broadway could be on the way back as they announce a second return show in Los Angeles at the Avalon on 20th August.

After the System Of A Down reunion was hit by a blow when Serj Tankian announced his second solo album, the band announced a one off date in LA which fans couldn’t wait for and now with the announcement of their second performance, rumour has it they have already begun work on new material.

No confirmation has been made by the band about a follow up to their 2008 self-titled debut at this time but if confirmed we will update you.


3 Responses to “Scars On Broadway to write new material?”

  1. Source?

  2. I cannot source anymore as I no longer have the links I was sent via messenger though I will do what I can to find them on Google for you. Again it’s mainly forum chatter and an email tip that Michael received from someone just talking about new material.

    They performed a brand new song at their last live performance in April, so I think the fact that song and the fact they are starting to tour again may be the signs of their return. SOAD are pretty much dead until Serj and Daron sort their issues anyway.

  3. Don’t let random forums influence you. Or at least, don’t try to start rumors without a good source. He will play Talkin’ Shit just like he did in May. For all the rest, it’s mystery. Maybe another cover for his girlfriend.