Seether post studio update

Seether have checked in from the studio to give fans an update on what is going on in their world as they record their brand new album.

Hey Guys,
What’s up? This is Dale here and I just wanted to give you guys a quick head’s up as to what is new is the world of Seether. We’ve been in Nashville for the past few weeks busy working on the new album and we’re really excited about the new stuff. I definitely think it’s the best stuff we’ve done to date so we’re really excited for you guys to hear it and see what everybody’s thinks about it.

Working with Brendan O’Brien has been really great. He’s a great guy, great producer and we gel really well with him musically, which is awesome. I think we just share the same vision of what we want this album to be at the end of the day. So it’s been a great experience. He has a great crew of guys that her works with, real professional, really nice guys so its just been a good working environment and a good experience so far. We’ve taken a short break right now but gonna go back to Nashville in the beginning of next month and finish up the rest of the songs. We really don’t have a lot left to do but when that’s done, gonna go straight into mixing and start looking at options to get back out on the road.

We’ll probably be back on the road by fall and be out there playing these new songs and seeing all of you guys again. We’re really excited and ready to get back out on the road and play these new songs for you guys. We look forward to seeing you guys soon!



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