Serj Tankian Live DVD clip

System of a Down singer Serj Tankian went solo when the band decided to take a break, which in my view, the break did none of SOAD members any real favours.

“Scars on Broadway” was the child of Daron Malakian with John Dolmayan and their self-titled debut album, was certainly nothing to rave about.

It had its points that made you believe that it was a worthy record but it just didn’t live up to the hype and of course now, the band is on the verge of a possible break-up with Malakian stating “his heart not being into touring”.

Serj’s solo album, certainly the better out of the two, lyrically and in sound but I still felt the album lacked something.
Where it rose of lyrical genius that we come to expect from Serj, there was just something missing not there.

Serj is now planning his second studio album and also will be releasing his Live DVD where he is performing with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.


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