Serotonal begin writing second album

After the release of their acclaimed debut album, ‘Monumental – Songs of Misery and Hope’, Serotonal – featuring original Anathema vocalist, Darren White, Jon Francis-White on guitars and Wayne Denny on drums – are currently working on their follow up album ‘The Renunciant’.

The Liverpool based purveyors of ‘Misery And Hope’ have recently parted company with guitarist Gary Hill and bass player Andrew Heath in a move which will mean a temporary break from touring but enables the remaining creative partnership to further express their potential and to concentrate on expanding the musical direction. With passages that are heavier and more intensely crushing than before, intertwined with dynamic grooves and emotive, quiet moments they aim to make the aural journey more interesting to the listener.

Serotonal thank both Gary and Andrew for their contribution and would like to wish Gary all the best with his new project The Stonewall Silence. Though Serotonal are content to write as the current line up, they are open to the possibility of another guitarist/keyboard player and a bass player joining. Anyone interested should email the band directly.


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