Signal Hill release and stream new EP

Previously a featured band on EspyRock, Signal Hill have released a brand new EP titled ‘Distance’, which is available to purchase and download right now with a limited edition CD also available to purchase at the bands store –

The EP features five tracks:

  1. Freelance Forest
  2. Paper Airplanes
  3. Wintersea
  4. Spirited From The City
  5. California Is Too Long – Alternate Version

The CD is limited to 300 physical copies, and comes packaged in a silk screen printed eco wallet. They are hand numbered, although, we didn’t actually number them. We wanted to make them a bit more personalized, so we thought we would do something a little more fun. Each cd has a unique hand written phrase that has an inside story about signal hill. As you get your copy, we encourage you to email us, so that we can share the story. Everyone gets something different!

The vinyl is also limited to 300 copies and is pressed on white wax. These are all hand numbered. The 7? was an idea conceived by a dear friend, Nicolas The Dictator, who helped get signal hill off the ground more than 5 years ago. When we released our self-titled EP and he listened to our song “California Is Too Long” he said it was mandatory that it end up on a white 7? somehow. Four years later we have it and this newer recording, we call it the alternate version, sounds better than we dreamed of at the time. The B-side is a song called ‘Down To Bed.’


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