Silverstein complete recording of new Short Songs album, track listing unveiled

Silverstein have announced that they have officially wrapped up the tracking process for their new album ‘Short Songs’ and they are now going into the final stages.

The album came to light when the band used their small amount of downtime on tour to go back and listen to the music which inspired them in their earlier days. While reflecting upon these songs and albums and the small basement shows they would attend at weekends, they realised that these bands had very short songs (less than 90 seconds) but at the same time they were very memorable. The band then decided to create their own album which utilised this theory of having an album full of songs which are less than 90 seconds in length.

‘Short Songs’ will feature 22 songs with eleven of those songs being brand new and the second eleven being covers of some of their personal favourite short songs. Covers on the album will include songs from NOFX, Dead Kennedys, The Swarm, The Promise Ring, Gorilla Biscuits, The Descendents, Chixdiggit, Gob, Orchid, Good Clean Fun and Green Day.

The band have yet to release a full track listing for the covers but they have previously stated that they planned on covering the following few songs.

NOFX – It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
Green Day – The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink
The Descendents – Coffee Mug
Gob – 236 East Broadway
Dead Kennedys – Short Songs
Orchid – Destination: Blood

The original track listing, as seen at this location, is:
1. Koots
2. Sea Of Shit
3. Love Gun
4. Disco
5. It’s A Song?
6. Long Pig
7. Kevin
8. Give ‘Em Hell
9. T Swift
10. FLS
11. See Ya Bill!


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