Hi everyone,

This is a quick post to explain the recent downtime to everyone as we’ve been up and down more times than a yo-yo recently.

Over a month ago, in order to cut costs, I moved EspyRock to a new VPS that would offer us a lot more resources than what was on offer at our current host at that time for half the cost. We moved to a new hosting company within the UK because they had a good name behind them and certainly had great data centres.

Within the first few days of being with this host we had problems, they transferred half of our website over and had left it at that; it took over a full day for them to address the issue and redo the transfer. Then our server was hacked and the blame was put on us for not asking them to secure it for us.

After we were hacked, the host moved us to another server which was secured and would suit us better BUT during this transfer the host wiped our full database therefore all the content we have posted over the years was now gone; thankfully it was recovered.

So as time went on things were ok, the server gave back fast readings but was a little slow but we could deal with it until Tuesday, when an hour of planned downtime resulted in a full day offline; the old server is in fact still not 100% back online yet.

Once I was able to get onto the server at all, I quickly signed up to a new host, got them to transfer everything and here we are, back online running again.

Expect a small bomb of content over the next few days as we recover from this hit.

Thanks to everyone who keeps reading the site and look out for a host of interviews coming shortly!

Keep head banging,

Michael and the EspyRock team


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Michael is the owner and creator of EspyRock. He is your general all round geek; sports fan; TV show fanatic. You can find him sharing his thoughts on his personal Twitter account. Contact Michael on Twitter or via Email.

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