Welcome to EspyRock – a new source for the latest and best that rock music has to offer!

EspyRock will be updated regularly with the latest news, music recommendations, reviews and much more. We will also be running a competition for you to win signed albums from the best rock has to offer!

Read on for more information.

What is EspyRock?

EspyRock is a brand new website built off a love for music, for discovering new music, and through this, we want to help you discover also.

We would like to note, as of right now the theme we are using is temporary, we are in the process of designing our own. (Please note credit to the end of this post for the theme)

We have a great love for music, forever discovering new bands and looking to increase our music libraries while keeping up with the latest news.

The process started off through Twitter, using the name iDiscovered, which throughout each week we would post the latest news, band recommendations and playlists.

We wanted to grow this into something bigger, and after seeing several other individuals taking the same idea and making a relative go at it, we decided to start the website, as we know our passion is stronger and we can do greater things.

The name iDiscovered was dropped, after the domain name, which was owned, was renewed by the owner, moving us to a change of name on 5th September 2009 to EspyRock.

What will EspyRock offer to me?

We will be offering up to date news each and every day to keep you in touch with what is going on.

Regular band, song and album recommendations from bands/artists that we discover and have already discovered to allow you to experience new music and be part of what is going on.

Twitter have a running trend on Mondays, each Monday is Music Monday.

EspyRock has always been far busier on that day, bringing you a ten band recommendation with a ten song playlist to help kick start your week and keep you focussed for the days ahead.

Here on our website will be no different; we will run our Music Monday through Twitter and also through, with further playlists and recommendations over the week to constantly keep you listening to the best that is on offer.

As noted previously, we will run competitions, on a monthly basis.

The competitions will always consist of a signed album; the band will be one who is currently active so you are being given the latest and best.

We hope to work with a few bands, which will be kind enough to sponsor competitions and offer something extra to those who enter.

Competitions will start as soon as we attract more readers.

Also keep note for album and gig reviews which will appear soon.

What can EspyRock offer bands?

Right now are offering free promotion through our use of social networking sources and our website.

We plan to offer more, but right now as we are building, this is our current service, unless you contact asking for more, then we will see what we are able to do.

Social network sources that we will use are Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, plus we will add to this as we start to increase our base.

We have on the website, four 125×125 ad slots and one 468×60 ad slot (not shown currently but will be visible under the website header), which for a short period will be going free of charge for advertising and promoting, so please get in touch using the contact page for more information or email us at

Through social networking we will bring great attention to the band through our playlists, recommendations and more.

We love to get involved with bands, get to know the band and help them in any way we possibly can, so if there is anything you would like to discuss with us, please contact us, we will never down the chance to work with bands to help them.

Can I do anything for EspyRock?

Yes you can.

We want to build a team who can spare any time at all to help get the latest news out, and help readers discover new great music.

EspyRock will not ask anything of you, other than to help out when you can and in the future we aim to reward those who do help us on a regular basis.

For more information of helping EspyRock, please email or use our contact form.


We are new, and we need to create a fan base, in which we will work our hardest to create but we hope you will find our content satisfying and look to spread the word about us also.

Soon we will be opening our Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Last.FM pages for you to discover more with us and we will be pushing music out left, right and centre.

Thank you for taking time to read our opening post.

We will be opening with some content very shortly and I hope you join in with us.

Note: As stated this is a temporary theme, which as you can see in the footer is created by WooThemes, We would like to thank them for creating such a great theme, and also note that this theme was obtained free from Web Designer Magazine, issue 149.


About Michael

Michael is the owner and creator of EspyRock. He is your general all round geek; sports fan; TV show fanatic. You can find him sharing his thoughts on his personal Twitter account. Contact Michael on Twitter or via Email.

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