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Many regular visitors will have noticed that over the past week and on another few days prior to that, that content has been non-existent on EspyRock. The reason for this is due to everyone on the site now returning to full time studies.

As many will know, I posted news every day on the website and the rest of the team contributed with reviews and interviews but as I am now back at university full time, and this being my final year were most of it will be spent researching and writing my dissertation, time is now no longer on my side to constantly update the website.

Not only have I returned to university but the rest of the team have also gone back to full time studies at college or university after the summer break.

Now EspyRock is certainly not going anywhere but due to the commitment that is required from all of us here to jobs and studies, it may be rare to the amount of time I spend updating the website with news. I am going to, for the time being, be focussing on press releases that I receive and trying to pick up a few extra stories here and there to keep the flow going. While we are doing this, we will focus a good bit more on reviews and interviews and possibly bring more focus back to the discovery aspect of our site.

There a lot of people who have been following us since we started the website over a year ago and to those who are also new, I can’t thank you enough for visiting us. We have only been able to get access to labels due to our statistics and if it wasn’t for all of you, we would have likely given up a long time ago.

To thank everyone for visiting, I will be (hopefully this week) running a massive giveaway. I was meant to run it last month in celebration of our birthday but time has not been on my side. This giveaway will include a lot of prizes from big items to small items. Most things sent to me either as promo or to giveaway as part of the celebration and also a few miscellaneous items that has been lying around from magazines and such. As there are so many prizes to giveaway, we will not have a top prize or a bottom prize. Every prize will be given a random draw with everyone who entered and you could end up winning anything!

More details for this will be announced during the week so stay tuned!


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Michael is the owner and creator of EspyRock. He is your general all round geek; sports fan; TV show fanatic. You can find him sharing his thoughts on his personal Twitter account. Contact Michael on Twitter or via Email.

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