EspyRock to undergo changes

EspyRock will be closing down on Sunday at 5pm GMT, for roughly one to two weeks, in order to implement our website and undergo much required maintenance. Being upgraded to a brand new fast server by our hosts, there is no better time than now for us to roll in some changes which will not only benefit us but also you.

We require extra time to update all the content on the website to work with our new design (not easy task, trust me), fix routine bugs etc. We are also looking to develop outside the website so we can bring you the most up-to-date news and bring you so much more in our content.

We have grown at an incredible rate since opening in September 2009 and we look to grow even further in 2010.

Our aim is to introduce you to new exciting music from bands that are still looking for their break and when our new site launches we will do just that. From September we have focussed on bringing you regular recommendations and “I Have Discovered” posts but our news content is something we put a lot more time into bringing you so you are always kept up with what is going on.

Thanks to those who keep coming back and all our new visitors, 2010 will see EspyRock increase our workload on our goals and we will focus so much more on new exciting music, interviews and reviews as we keep you up to date with the goings on throughout the rock and metal genres.

Make sure you are following EspyRock on Twitter – – for the latest updates as we undergo changes.

When we return in a week or possibly two, depending on how quickly we can get things done, we will have a few worldwide giveaways to celebrate our new launch; our main one is a nice little prize that I am considering keeping for myself….but you deserve it more.

We hope to be back as soon as possible.

Keep rocking!



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Michael is the owner and creator of EspyRock. He is your general all round geek; sports fan; TV show fanatic. You can find him sharing his thoughts on his personal Twitter account. Contact Michael on Twitter or via Email.

2 Responses to “EspyRock to undergo changes”

  1. I cannot imagine how I am going to get through 1 or 2 weeks without my EspyRock! Though I of course am excited to see the brand new & improved EspyRock!!

  2. Aww Kim, we will be back soon as possible and I can always find a way to keep you updated through Twitter lol.