Free Ad Space For Bands

EspyRock, for a short time, will be offering free advertising for bands on our website.

We currently have 5 advertising slots, which are built into the theme; four 125×125 slots to the right hand side and one 468×60 slot on the home page.

Please refer to the image to find their locations:

Ad Places

Click To Enlarge

Please note, the 125×125 slots will receive greater attention, as the 468×60 slot will only appear on the home page currently, but, we are going to edit the theme to allow it to be advertised on most to all pages.

As of this moment, when a banner is advertised on the website, it will remain in that location for one week, but, if no other band during or at the end of that week contacts EspyRock about advertising; your ad will remain.

Of course if your ad is removed and replaced, we welcome you to request to be advertised again, in which, we will address when the next advertisement ends.

We are not able to say as of this moment how long this offer will remain, before we move to paid advertising, but we hope to offer it for as long as possible to help promote you.


About Michael

Michael is the owner and creator of EspyRock. He is your general all round geek; sports fan; TV show fanatic. You can find him sharing his thoughts on his personal Twitter account. Contact Michael on Twitter or via Email.

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