Updated: Server issues

If you visited the site earlier, you may have noticed that we had been suspended, which we were given zero knowledge that this may happen.

It was noted that certain queries in our database where causing CPU issues on the server, which instead of being asked to look at the issue and resolve it, they took the action to suspend us and we were not informed till later.

We have removed what is being claimed as one of the main issues but as of right now we are looking to upgrade to another server.

As we are looking into this we may not be supplying any content on the website until we are either working well again or we have moved.

More details will come as I work on our next move.

Thank you.

Update: We have purchased a brand new server which means we have a lot more space and bandwidth to play with so expect some big things.

The server is in the process of being set up by our host and when it has, we will move the site over and start publishing content once more.


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