Slash offered millions to reunite Guns N’ Roses

A lot of people are still hoping one fine day Slash will sit down with Axl Rose and sort out their differences, leading to the reunion of the iconic Guns N’ Roses.

Are you one of those people? Well time to hang up your hopes as in an interview with GQ, Slash has stated how he was offered hundreds of millions to reunite with Axl Rose and the rest of the band for a reunion tour and turned it down.

Stating that he and Axl can never sort their differences, and describing their last tour in 1993 as “an on-going exercise in how we could bond the least. It just got worse and worse.”

Recently Slash was noted as saying the only time there would be a Guns N’ Roses reunion is “if one us dies first, because if I meet him again, it wouldn’t be pretty.”


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