Soilwork to begin work on The Living Infinite

Soilwork frontman Björn Strid has announced that after recording The Night Flight Orchestra debut album, his focus is now turning to Soilwork for their next album which has already been titled ‘The Living Infinite.’

His update on Facebook states that inspiration is flowing and he is feeling revitalized: “Hey all! Been a while, sorry about that! Things are pretty damn exciting, the inspiration is flowing and I feel somewhat revitalized. Just came back to Toronto after visiting my parents for a month in Sweden. Had a blast! Also recorded the debut album of The Night Flight Orchestra and I can honestly say it’s one of the most interesting projects I’ve been a part of. The album will come out in early june, keep your eyes and ears open! Will focus on creating the next Soilwork beast now, should be interesting to say the least..The new creation “The Living Infinite”, is slowly heading right in your direction people! Talk soon! Cheers/Speed.”

As noted, his new classic rock project The Night Flight Orchestra will release their debut album in June. The band, which features Arch Enemy bassist Sharlee D’Angelo, former Soilwork stand-in and current Mean Streak guitarist David Andersson, Mean Streak drummer Jonas Källsbäck and Von Benzo keyboardist Richard Larsson, have already released two songs online which you can listen to below.


California Morning


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