Sonisphere 2010: The fans verdict

We spoke to a few fans to find out what their highlight of the weekend was.

Sonisphere Fan 1 - Jenni WillsFan:Jenni Wills
Came from:Oxford
Favourite band:Skindred
Worst part of the weekend:Waking up this morning because I have to go home now and not because of a hangover, no matter how much I tried!
Sonisphere Fan Joe HillFan:Joe Hill
Came from:Edinburgh
Favourite band:The Cult, and Slayer was right up there as well
Worst part of the weekend:Losing my iPhone while watching Pendulum!
Sonisphere Fan Andrew HallsFan:Andrew Halls
Came from:Nottingham
Favourite band:Iron Maiden and Rammstein
Worst part of the weekend:Being sick in the tent at 4AM on Thursday after an epic drinking session!
Sonisphere Fan Lee BrazierFan:Lee Brazier
Came from:Nottingham
Favourite band:Iron Maiden
Worst part of the weekend:Having to go home


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