Sonisphere 2010: The top five

Here’s a list of the top  five from Sonisphere

Top band: Rammstein. Controversial, yes, and it was certainly a close run thing with Iron Maiden. But ultimately, the incredible production from the Germans, coupled with an excellent performance, means they upstaged Maiden at their own homecoming. More of the same, we say!

Top disappointment: Rammstein. You were scheduled to play until 22:45. Where’s the remaining half hour we were promised??!!!

Top ‘Where the hell did they come from’ band: Kvelertak. Every band says their sound is unique but these guys are genuinely something different. Mixing everything from blast beats to rock n’ roll and playing one of the most feral sets of the whole weekend, you’d have to bet on them taking over the metal world soon.

Top quote: “All power tunes is based in the H O M O” – Sabaton

Top comment overheard backstage: “Do you remember the time I got a blowjob while looking into the eyes of a man?”

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