SSS frontman discusses album artwork, new track

British crossover thrashers SSS recently finished recording their new album, Problems To The Answer, which is due to be released later this year on Earache Records.

SSS frontman Foxy discusses the artwork for the forthcoming new album:

“Finally we have some art!  Our good friend Putrid did it for us (  No airbrushed neon unicorn slop here.  It’s straight up black and white pen and ink.  The art shows two dogs, they are joined and are fighting against themselves.  No matter which way they turn, they can never escape each other.  They’re going round in circles, trying to survive, putting up with aggravation on the way.  The back of the record shows the outcome to this life-cycle situation.”

View the artwork for Problems To The Answer at

SSS recently released a new track from Problems To The Answer, to give fans a taster of what’s to come from the album.

Foxy discusses the new track, titled “Painting By Numbers”:

“Painting by Numbers deals with learning through memorization and repetition.  It’s about going through the motions, going up to the borders of what’s expected and not beyond.  The same elements being cut and pasted into a different order appear new but are really the same, tired and watered down.  Memorize, learn, repeat, stagnate.

“Nothing should ever be a given – break down imposed barriers and always scrawl over the lines.”

Listen to the new track, “Painting By Numbers”, at

SSS have been documenting the creation of their new album, Problems To The Answer.  View the updates and photos from the recording process on the band’s official blog at

Another new SSS track, “Eat Me Drink Me Burn Me”, is featured on the upcoming low-price compilation album, New Noise Attack, which is released on April 25.

Pre-order New Noise Attack and get SSS’ self-titled debut album and 2008 follow-up in Europe at or in North America at

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