Stone Temple Pilots heading for a crash landing?

Serious questions are now being asked about the future of the Stone Temple Pilots as it appears Scott Weiland may be on a crash course.

Reports are flying around that Weiland has went back to his old ways with drinking and drugs and recent performances would make you think those reports were correct.

A recent interview with Billboard, bassist Robert DeLeo informed everyone that Scott Weiland wasn’t there for the creation of the songs and he had to just add vocals on top of a completed song. The need for a man in the middle to actually pull Scott to the studio to work on the tracks further was required and really shows the level of commitment from him at that stage.

The process of recording like this, were the band recorded the tracks and wait for vocals is nothing new to Weiland. When he was chosen as the new lead singer of Velvet Revolver, the band had already worked tracks and mainly left it up to him to pick his favourites and work on vocals.

Although his less than committed recording attitude is only one piece of the story as recent news is showing. Recent live performances are now showing that Weiland may be on the way down and it could be a struggle to bring the vocalist back to the heights he can hit.

Fan recorded footage of the bands performance on March 24th has Scott Weiland losing his balance, a little too easily, and jumping down in front of the crowd before appearing back on stage moment later as he walks back around. (video below)

In what is being reported as a horror show from fans and complete embarrassment for the other members, two days later in Milwaukee, Weiland forgot the words to a few of the bands songs. Oblivious to his faults, the other members apologised to the crowd and even left the stage at one point due to the embarrassment he was causing them.


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