Svart Crown sign to Listenable Records

Listenable Records have announced the signing of French death/black metal band Svart Crown.

Following their first effort ‘Ages of Decay’ which was released in 2008, Svart Crown is back with a work of absolute blackness. Spawned in France by guitarist/vocalist J.B Le bail, Svart Crown was born in 2005 with the idea to push the boundaries of extreme music, and create a new dimension of brutality and blackness. Following numerous tours in his native land, Svart Crown released its first album, ‘Ages of decay’ in early 2008. The band has been promoting this first effort since then, with countless shows and two European runs.
Around J.B lebail, guitarist C.Frandrois, bassist L.Veyssière and drummer G.Barthélemy (also known for his works with Diabolic, Drowning, Balrog or Antaeus) complete the line-up. Svart Crown has now finished the new album ‘Witnessing The Fall’ that marks a new and significant step in the history of the band.  The sulphurous and oppressive atmosphere are emphasized by an organic sound crafted by Francis Caste (Kickback, Arkhon Infaustus, Phazm) at St Marthe studio.

Svart Crown has successfully mixed an old school feeling with various modern influences;
‘Witnessing the fall’ is simply the new face of the band; a black beast, full of anger, symbol of a humanity in perdition.

Their new album will be released on 25/10/2010 on Listenable Records.


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