Taking Back Sunday plan to release a covers EP or album but not for a few years

During my recent interview with Taking Back Sunday I questioned the band regarding their recent covers of Kanye West and Tom Petty and asked if they were going to follow the popular trend of releasing a covers album and they stated that they have talked about it but it will not be released until they do another original album.

It seems to becoming somewhat popular now to release a covers EP or album and recently you have covered Kanye West and Tom Petty to name two. Do you think a covers release is in the near future as it can be done relatively quickly compared to a normal album?

John Nolan: We’ve talked about it.

Adam Lazzara: Yeah we’ve talked about it were each person will pick a song and we’ll go from there but we’ve not actually done anything since we brought it up so whether it will happen or not is to be seen.

John Nolan: I think we should put out another album of original songs before we do a covers thing. I don’t know, I think it would be weird to follow up our first album back together with an album of cover songs [laughs]. But it is definitely something we’ll do at some point.

They also state that they would like to collaborate with Kanye West who they have previously covered or even The Flaming Lips.

Don’t know why covers made me think of this directly but I’m guessing you’ve heard about the Lou Reed and Metallica collaboration?

John Nolan: I’ve just heard about that, that’s weird. That’s weird man. I can’t even imagine what that is going to sound like. The whole album is the both of them on every song together?

Yeah it is, a full on proper collaboration, all new material. The album is called ‘Lulu’.

John Nolan: ‘Lulu’? [Laughs]

If I remember the website correctly it is based on a German writers plays which tell a story about a young abused dancers life.

John Nolan: This is going to be so fucking weird.

Based on that idea who would you like to do a collaboration with?

Adam Lazzara: Kanye West I would say.

John Nolan: That would be great yeah. I’d like to do something with The Flaming Lips. That would be really awesome to me. I don’t think there is any possibility of that ever happening but if I was going to pick someone to collaborate with they put be at the top of that list.


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