Taking Dawn Cause Trouble In Scottish Capital

Roadrunner new boys Taking Dawn caused some trouble in Scotland on their recent tour with Airbourne when they purchased a “deadly battle weapon”.

The incident occurred when the band’s drummer, Alan Doucette, purchased a sword on the city’s Royal Mile and did not realise that it was an offence to carry the weapon around.

Read the full tour blog from the band below:

“Whats up everyone?! Uncle Mikey checking in from the drive. On our way to leeds back from Scotland. We had a killer fucking time in Scotland. Since we had a day off in Edinburgh we got to take in some of the sites and roam around the town like the jerkoffs that we are. The sights are unreal with the old castles and churches.. shit we never get to see back home. Alan bought a sword from some gypsy on the street and he almost got arrested for carrying it around town. Apparently you cant carry around deadly battle weapons… what kind of crazy fuckin law is that? Luckily they let him off but he had to go put the sword back. We are still wondering how we are going to get it through customs. Or maybe on the plane in case there are ay terrorists…we will be able to cut their fucking heads off.
The crazy motherfuckers in Scotland really like to rock and they have badass accents. Sounding like pirates and shit. Im gonna try to pick up the accent, I think it will help me get pussy. I need all the help I can get.

We have exactly 1 week left on this tour and then we head back home. I would say its been a great first trip overseas and we have made some new friends. Next week we will head back home for 2 weeks then we will be back for the KISS tour! Hopefully we can make a few more friends then. Our record will be out over here next week!

Spread the word my friends. Tell them TAKING DAWN is cumming!”


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