Tarja Turunen checks in from the studio

With her new solo album almost complete, Tarja Turunen has checked in to give fans an update to state that it’s “nearly ready”.

On the last day of my visit to London, I had a very nice photo session with Paul Harries. I have been lucky to find him, because he really always makes me look ”pretty”.

We are making progress every day. Now all the orchestral songs are mixed. We worked again with Slamm Andrews, at Remote Control Studios. Slamm mixed my last record and it was a pleasure this time to see my ”movie” songs come alive with his guidance!

Jim Dooley came to say hi and to listen to the final touches for the song “If You Believe” that he produced with me.

It feels just unbelievable that after being in the process so long, almost 2 years, the album is getting ready. I have truly won my fears, lack of confidence and belief that I was not going to make it alone. Is great to have succeeded in what I wanted. It feels good I can tell.

At this moment I am working with Tim Palmer in Austin, Texas.

First time I am in Texas! It’s lovely here though, the city of Austin is full of live music everywhere and it’s warm, as I like it.

Tim is great, a very nice man to work with and having the understanding of the artistic needs that I have. He has an extended musical career and has forged tons of hits and great music.

We already mixed three songs including a guest solo from the guitar player of an amazing heavy metal band from Los Angeles. Today we are working on another song with an outstanding vocal group from Europe.

The last mixes will take place during this week and next time I’ll write to you is when I’ll have the complete album finished!!!!!!

With love, Tarja


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