The Company Band to release debut album

The Company Band, who features vocalist Neil Fallon (CLUTCH), drummer Jess Margera (CKY), guitarists Jim Rota (FIREBALL MINISTRY) and Dave Bone with bassist Brad Davis (FU MANCHU), are now in the process of finishing their upcoming self-titled debut album*, which is set to be released on the 10th November.

If you’re familiar with Clutch, CKY, Fireball Ministry & Fu Manchu, then you know what’s coming – Rock, Rock & Rock ‘N’ Roll – I for one are really looking forward to this!!

* They did release a mini album/EP in 2008, called “Sign Here, Here, And Here” which come highly recommended from yours truly. You can check out all 4 tracks from the EP below:


Company Man


Fortune’s A Mistress

Heartache & Misery


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