The Devil Wears Prada drop out of Soundwave

The Devil Wears Prada have pulled out of the 2010 Soundwave Festival in order to be the main support to Killswitch Engage.

Having looked around some websites since I read the statement, I can verify that fans are not happy by the bands decision at all and leaves to wonder if it may backfire on them for a future tour.

The bands vocalist posted this on the bands MySpace:

As some of you guys may have heard, we have had to cancel our Soundwave Festival dates.

I know a lot of fans are really upset with us, and I’m not going to argue with anybody and I’m not going to dive into business and logistics.  We just wanted to make it a little more clear what has happened.

Recently we received an offer to do a tour to end all tours, which conflicted with our time in Australia, as well as our headline shows in New Zealand and Australia.  Regretfully we had no other option but to cancel the shows in order to participate in the tour we were offered.  What I want to make most clear is that we truly care about the shows we had to cancel, and we sincerely care about heading back to Australia.  Come on, it’s a region comparable to heaven on earth!  Why would we not want to go?  Many great bands are playing the fest, we haven’t played Australia in quite some time, and it’s a place we look forward to being in more than any other country.  Maybe that will help you to understand the magnitude of the tour offer that recently presented itself.

Please keep an eye out for upcoming Australian TDWP touring news!  We pray for you dudes to be understanding and to come out to the future shows we do in Australia (God willing).



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