The Dillinger Escape Plan release update regarding side projects

The Dillinger Escape Plan lead guitarist Ben Weinman has released an update regarding the band’s side-projects as well as their upcoming limited edition t-shirt.

Hey Ben Weinman here,

I know you guys have been waiting a while for this info but I can’t begin to express how excited we are to finally announce our fall tour. We are very proud that for the month of Nov we will be sharing the stage with Mastodon.  As many of you know we have been long time friends with the Mastodon guys and this tour is long overdue. But what many of you may not know (or remember) is that we did a US tour with the Atlanta GA four piece in 2002. Of course at the time we were much younger bands and no one could have ever imagined how much ground both Dillinger and Mastodon would end up covering since. But I remember many stand out moments on that tour. I remember thinking how great it was to tour with a band that, while taking their music very seriously, didn’t take themselves that seriously.  I also remember having some very hard times on that tour which left me contemplating my reasons for even playing in Dillinger or even in a band at all for that matter. I mean, hell, who knows how things could have turned out if I wasn’t around people who reminded me every day just how lucky I was to be able to rock like that on stage. I also remember having a pretty energized conversation with some of the guys about how they need to take not only their band but their band business into their own hands and reach for the sky. Well I think it’s pretty safe to say that, whether I had any influence on that or not, they certainly have done well and I couldn’t be happier for them.  Check out this video from a show I actually remember on that tour. . Also, on this tour will be the one and only Red Fang so make sure you familiarize yourselves with these guys if you haven’t already because this tour is going to be a whopper I assure you.

And now to fill everyone in on some of the things we Dillingers have been doing creatively in our time off between tours and records. First off, thanks to all of you who have been asking about our projects.  As many of you have probably noticed The Puciato/Cavalara exploit is in full effect. Greg has been tweeting and posting tons of tasty info and we are all excited to hear what is cooking. Check out this picture he posted This is honestly the first time in years I have felt so excited to look at a burnt CD as if it was one of the cassette tapes I used to copy of my demos that I would hand draw on and carry around like it was my most protected treasure.

I am also really stoked to share with you guys a link to Jeff Tuttle’s new project, “Old Gods” which is available to listen to and download here Jeff sings in this band and I’m totally amped on it. Reminds me of a lot of the mind blowing groups I grew up listening to that Jeff and I often talk about for hours in the back of the tour bus.

Liam has been working “diligently” on the initial sketches of a musical adventure with members of Nanos Operetta – who some of you may remember as having provided some of the string and percussion arrangements that appeared on the Ire Works recordings, as well as having re-worked a version of ‘Sunshine The Werewolf” with the Chepikov String Quartet. So far, an official name for the project is still undecided, but the direction for the group’s sound and feel is fully in focus…Stay tuned to this site as well as Liam’s twitter and personal website ( for more details about that project.

Billy has just been playing drums like they were going out of style or something. Not only is he still lending his sticks to the band “North Korea” but he has been helping me out with a little top secret jaunt that I couldn’t be more excited about. Can’t say much more than that at the moment but stay tuned in the coming weeks for a little teaser of what we have cooking.

To all of you who have been asking me about my project with Brent Hines, Eric Avery, and Thomas Pridgen, I will also be posting some song snippets in the coming weeks starting with a little something Eric Avery and I have been working on. Eric and I plan on locking ourselves in my studio for days without food or sunlight. I can’t believe the guy who wrote the “Mountain Song” bass line is gonna be sleeping on my floor.  I’m sure Brent and I will have some pretty serious sessions on tour in Nov as well. We will keep you informed.

Regarding my involvement in “Cut Throat Tactics” (Ink &Dagger members Don Devore, Joshua Brown, and Chris Tropea with the addition of myself Ben Weinman and Geoff Rickly), well I play drums. I have come to the conclusion that beating on things rules. Doing it in time to music makes it I guess, a little more productive. I have been tracking drums for some new tunes we have been writing all week. For more info on CTT keep up with the facebook .

Also, check out the new G3 Guitar amp and effects simulator pedal if you’ve got a few bucks. Yours truly and a little guy named Steve Vai programmed a bunch of patches for it so If you want to sound like Dillinger Escape Pan (or a crying whale for that matter) pick it up. It sounds pretty kick ass.  I’ll be posting videos demonstrating some of the patches soon.

And last but not least, on the Ben Weinman list of things that keep me occupied, I am very excited to be involved in a project creating and scoring film trailer music. This is a new world to me but something I have always found fascinating.  I’ll try and keep you updated on any advances.

To close out this long ass blog, the moment you have all been waiting for.  Available after months and months of what seemed like empty promises, the first of the Option paralysis Limited edition T-shirts. “Farewell Mona Lisa” wants to get all over you and she is only feeling frisky for 24 hours. That’s right. You have only from Monday, Sept 19th at 12pm Eastern time until Tues, Sept 20th at 12pm Eastern Time to get this shirt and then it is gone. Do not sleep on this because I would def wear the shit out of this shirt if it wasn’t my own band of course. Wearing your own band shirt is like some 80’s Thrash hessian shit. If you are not in Metallica I don’t want to see any of you do that. But wearing a Dillinger Escape Pan limited edition Options Paralysis shirt, on the other hand, will surely get you laid and paid. Money back Guarantee (no guarantee of how many times you have to wear the shirt for that to happen though). It will be here: so keep an eye out!

for updates on Dillinger and everything else I have going on follow me on twitter @dillingerescpln

Nuclear War on the Dance Floor!

Ben Weinman


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