The Empire Shall Fall hope to begin recording Volume 2 and 3 soon

The Empire Shall Fall have released an update on their Tumblr account to announce their upcoming tour dates and give fans an update regarding their new EPs.

The band announced previously that they would be releasing a series of three EPs with Volume 1 available to purchase right now. The band then went back to work on Volume 2 and 3 but since then Jesse Leach has announced his return to Killswitch Engage. The band state that Jesse rejoining Killswitch Engage does not affect them as a band but it will mean that it will take longer to release the next EPs.


So it’s been a while since we posted an update, and a lot has been in the works.

As you all probably know, Jesse has rejoined Killswitch Engage. This will not affect us, except that it might take slightly longer to release these next volumes. We have been working on Volume 2 and Volume 3, and hope to start recording soon.

Additionally, we have booked some very special shows for April and May. More information on venues will be posted here an on our facebook.

April 6th-Fresno, California at the Starline:
April 7th-Fresno, California at The Babylon:
May 11th- Buschies Bullpen North Watkins Glen, NY- doors @7-$10
May 12th- The Downtown QB Endicott, NY-doors@6-$10
May 24th- Station 58 Syracuse, NY-doors @6- $10
May 25th in Montreal, Quebec at Katacombes.
May 26th in Ottawa, Ontario at Mavericks.
May 27th in Brantford, Ontario at Club Sagittarius

As you can see there are some exciting shows here! We are very pleased to make our west coast debut in April, and super excited to play the string of shows in Canada! Come on out to these special shows, because we don’t know when we will be able to make it back! If you are interested in flying us out to play in your market, contact us at



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