The Fierce and The Dead – Part 1

A 19 minute long track as their first release says a lot about this band already. You got to give it to them, they have confidence. Thankfully this confidence is with good reason, as this debut mammoth track is beautifully written and really sets the band apart as something different.

Forming accidentally out of an improvised recording session for Matt Steven’ solo album last November, the three members, Matt, Kev and Stuart, decided they had such a blast they would give their project a name – The Fierce �38; The Dead. All hailing from London, the three members all come from different musical backgrounds such as hardcore punk, electronica and experimental guitar music. So it’s safe to say that the band’s influences are a mixed bag, yet they all seem to come together perfectly in this track,  whether it be the pounding bass lines or melodic guitar riffs.

The track starts with an almost spaghetti western vibe to it, Matt Steven’s haunting guitars giving it a real sense of atmosphere while giving the song an altogether post-rock sounding effect. When the song really kicks in you can hear Stuart Marshall’s skills on the drums show, one of my few gripes with the track being i don’t believe this is shown enough. But to be fair, i think the band found an excellent balance between quiet and loud, while still sounding original and fresh, a tough task in the instrumental scene.

Considering this track is up on the bands site for a “pay what you want” basis, you really have no excuse to check this band out. I expect great things from The Fierce & The Dead in the future, and I’m sure they build on what is a fantastic debut track.

Part 1. by The Fierce And The Dead

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