TheLiveLine and Alternative Revolt Magazine team up for a Shinedown karaoke contest

TheLiveLine and Alternatve Revolt Magazine (Alt Revolt) have teamed up for the Alt Revolt Shinedown karaoke contest, presented by TheLiveLine.  The contest is a first of its kind, where TheLiveLine will be using their innovative voice technology for fans to leave both messages for Alternative Revolt Magazine and Shinedown.  But not just any messages for this contest, and additional shenanigans are required . . .

The contest: Call Alt Revolt’s LiveLine for free and sing a line from any Shinedown song: (702) 987-4095

Winners receive: An autographed photo from Shinedown and complete Shinedown prize package!

Also, make sure you go to Alt Revolt’s page at TheLiveLine to hear some of the entrants so far, and sign up for a profile at TheLiveLine (if you haven’t already) to hear them all.  Think of American Idol in a sense.  You’ve got some good singers, and you’ve got some baaaad (yet hilarious) singers.  Head over now to join the craziness:

You will be seeing quite a few contests on a viral campaign with TheLiveLine, enabling users to familiarize themselves with our innovative mobile and voice capabilities, while at the same time getting the chance to win some killer prizes.


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