Three Doors Down & Kid Rock members form 7dayBinge

Kenny Olson (Kid Rock guitarist), Todd Harrell (Three Doors Down bassist) together with Jon Nicholson (Muzik Mafia guitar & vocals) and Shannon Boone (drummer) have signed with Rock Ride Music under the name 7dayBinge.

7dayBinge plans to release its debut, self-titled album via digital download portals on December 8, 2009, with hard copy release to follow on January 26, 2010.

A side project by artists who just wanted to make some music together and not get bogged down in the business side of things (“It’s always been the mentality with the Binge, just get together and make great music,” says Nicholson), the band came together when Nicholson opened for 3 Doors Down on a European tour. Stops in Amsterdam (during which an actual seven-day binge of some sort may have occurred) found Harrell and Nicholson sitting down and working on some music together (the result of the initial session, the track “Cold Dark Grave,” worked so well that they kept writing together). Says Harrell: “Nicholson and I wrote these songs in Amsterdam a couple of years ago and have been messing around with them for a while now. Then, Kenny and Shannon came along, and it rocked!”

Before Olson and Boone joined the line-up for a show in Nashville, Nicholson and Harrell played some of the material out in Biloxi, Mississippi, with Brad Arnold (3 Doors Down) on drums and Shannon Lawson of the Muzik Mafia on guitar. The gig was such a rousing success that Harrell and Nicholson buckled down and did even more writing together. Boone was thrilled to join the rock outfit when they rounded out the line-up. “The Binge is such a great band of be a part of,” says Boone. “The combination of musical talent and personalities makes everything exciting. Can’t wait for people to hear the record.”

Recorded over several days at the Sound Kitchen in Nashville and produced by the band themselves, “7dayBinge” features eight driving, straight-up rock ‘n’ roll tracks (see full track listing below). Originally, the band worked up seven songs for the album, but a rush of creativity and inspiration late in the recording process led to an eighth track, “Good Times,” which clocks in at 10:35 long.

Track List:

  1. 7dayBinge
  2. Oak Tree
  3. End of the Road
  4. Free
  5. I’m No Good
  6. Coming Back Again
  7. Cold Dark Grave
  8. Good Times

You can listen to End Of The Road & Cold Dark Grave on MySpace –


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