Trucker Diablo sign to Ripple Music

Trucker Diablo have announced via their website that they have signed to American label ‘Ripple Music’. The full announcement from the band can be read below:

Three years ago we started Trucker Diablo. We had no idea if things would work out, no aspirations and no sound. We were simply four friends meeting up once a week to play music and maybe something good would come out of it. Even though we all had played in bands that had been road tested and quite successful we wanted to start with a clean slate. The first year was a very hard year for Simon personally and we put the band on hold temporarily. Although during that year, we did manage to play a few gigs and and record a demo, which showed a glimpse of the trucker sound and the potential of the band. In August 2009 we supported Ricky Warwick in our beloved Diamond Rock Club and things started to roll for us.

We asked Ricky to guest on the album and he chose “Juggernaut”. True to his word Ricky joined us in the studio and laid down some vocals and was a true gent, he continues to support the band today despite his extremely busy schedule. As people know we went to number one and story continued. We turned down a management contract and received positive praise from record companies, but failed to grab the attention enough to sign a deal, which isn’t everything, but can help bands promote their brand to the next level. We worked hard to win fans home and abroad and write songs we enjoyed and felt other people enjoyed. The Devil Rhythm was the result of this and has been well received locally and worldwide.

The album has enabled us to approach leading publications like Classic Rock and Metal Hammer and received some positive feedback, which makes us truly overjoyed as we know how hard it can be to break into these publications. From this, this led to the appearance at the Download festival. We worked hard in 2011 to raise the profile and created a strategy that worked for us and it paid off with the Download announcement. Bands dream of playing this festival, I know we all did and it finally happened for us. It’s indescribable the feeling we had when this was announced, despite Terry going through sometime deeply personal times. We pushed on. Luckily the festival was a complete success for us and we continued on stronger than before.

We personally want to thank our families, friends and fans for supporting us through this time and believing in and enjoying Trucker Diablo. You’re probably wondering what this is all about lol. Before we let you in on it, we want to let everyone know it hasn’t been easy, but also its been amazing. We are lucky to have the opportunities we have had which makes this announcement that extra special because we want you to know, we are doing this for our families, we are doing this for our fans and we are doing this for ourselves, because we love it, truly.

So what’s going on?

Onto the good stuff, we are overjoyed to announce that we have just signed a deal with Californian label “Ripple Music”. They are a relatively new independent label but are no strangers to the music industry and are steeped in the music world with some legendary connections. They have about 8 bands on their roster, some with significant music history and are excellent bands.

We have initially signed a two album deal with worldwide distribution including potential North American distribution through a major label. We have had quite a few email and phone conversations so we talked things through quite a bit before we decide to go ahead.

The main reason we choose Ripple is the “Family factor”, might sound strange but they are 100% into their bands and want us to be a part of their musical family and help us grow as artists over a period of years. This was critical for us as they want to promote us in the states and elsewhere to increase our profile. In the UK we found this was the opposite with labels and we didn’t want to be a part of that. I think in Trucker we have always felt we would be suited to the states and this has now been proved with some great reviews and now a label having us on board. In fact we probably get more airplay in the states that anywhere else in the world.

So from here we want to take things to the next level and do everyone proud and let you know “You are the fuel”, without you there is no Trucker and as long as you continue to support us, we will continue on to do what we love.

Here’s to the future and we will see you on the road…

Sincere Thanks,

Tom – Simon – Glenn -Terry


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