Underoath bus crash

With weather conditions slowly becoming worse for fans and bands trying to make gigs, I wouldn’t be surprised if there happens to be a mass of call offs to protect the well being of the people involved.

Last night in Omaha, a bus carrying all of UnderOATH’s equipment to a show was in crash which resulted in the driver receiving some injuries.

An official post from the band has stated:

Hey guys. Our van carrying all our gear got into a very bad accident. The driver has some injuries, but is stable. However there is no possible way we can make the show tonight.

Please pray for our friend Zack that was driving. He’s in pain but he survived which is honestly a miracle if you would have seen the van.

If there were any way we could make the show work, we would but it’s not possible. Our sincerest apologies to all who are braving the weather to get to the show. Please drive safely back home. There have been way too many accidents lately.

We love you all and will keep you updated.


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