Unleash the Archers streaming two new preview tracks

Power/melodic death metal heavyweights Unleash the Archers are streaming two pre-production tracks from their upcoming release, Demons of the AstroWaste, due out this May.

The album is a concept piece telling the tale of an all-powerful sword that is created to protect mankind, but ultimately corrupts to evil whoever wields it.

Dawn of Ages (album track 2):
“Dawn of Ages is about the creation of the sword that features throughout the whole album,” explains vocalist Brittney Hayes, “it was created by a noble warrior at the dawn of mankind, and was meant to protect them from evil… but that’s not exactly how things turn out.”

City of Iron (album track 9):
“The sword’s owner, after having destroyed an entire planet filled with innocent people, secludes himself and begins building his own prison,” says Hayes. “As the structure slowly evolves into a weaponized planet made of iron, he is influenced into wielding this new power throughout the universe…”

Kicking off with Demons of the AstroWaste release shows in Victoria (May 20th) and Vancouver (May 22nd), Unleash the Archers will be embarking on a massive cross-Canada tour in promotion of the album. Stay tuned for info and check them out in your town!

The band’s 2009 release, ‘Behold the Devastation’, is out on CDN Records and available at these locations:

Digital: http://unleashthearchers.bandcamp.com/
Physical: http://www.cdnrecords.com/store/product-details.php?productID=2751

More Unleash the Archers:


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