Update on Madina Lake’s Matthew Leone

Nathan Leone, frontman and brother to Matthew Leone has posted a new blog giving fans an update of Matthews condition after he was brutally attacked helping a woman who was being beaten in the street by her husband.

so we’d finally convinced the doctors to let me take matthew home. he was going nuts in the hospital and they agreed that he would benefit from a more comfortable environment. the only goal at this point is get him strong enough for his 2nd brain surgery which is scheduled for the 16th. it’s going to be a tenuous couple of weeks, we’ll watch him 24 hrs a day, make sure he sits still, rests and heals to the fullest extent possible. we know from the doctors that his future prognosis remains guarded since the permanency of the physical and neuropsychological damage is yet unknown .

otherwise, i’ve learned more about humanity in the past 6 days than I had my entire life. Sometimes it’s easy to get down on the world, people, life, life-situation, yourself, whatever.. especially when something like this happens. But the overwhelming reaction we’ve gotten from the community that has rallied around Matthew has proven how lucky we are to have all of you in our lives. Aside from the calls, texts, emails, gifts and well wishes, we’ve heard of groups/organizations being created to bring awareness to domestic violence, violence against women and violence in general.. there are benefits being put together, auctions, special events, donation inquiries, etc. it’s truly extraordinary,.. thank you. You guys keep up the positive energy and i swear i’ll do everything in my power to get him back to 100% ASAP. you’ll never know how grateful we are… all the love in the world



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