Updated: Scott Stapp begins blocking Alter Bridge and Creed fans on the Creed Twitter account

Update #3: The Creed moderators have got in touch with EspyRock regarding this farce. To read what they had to say, go to http://espyrock.com/news/creeds-twitter-and-facebook-moderator-contacts-espyrock-over-recent-twitter-farce

Update #2: Reports are that fans are now being unblocked by the new moderator so it is likely if you were one of them, in time you will have access again.

Update #1: Scott Stapp has released a statement on Twitter regarding the recent blocking issues that have been targeted at Alter Bridge and Creed fans. He states that a professional moderator has now been put in place after he took over the account two-three days ago to ensure there are no further issues. He does state that he does NOT support cross promotion in the middle of mentions of rumours, personal attacks and negativity so take of that what you will from the recent blocks.

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Original story: In an odd turn of events, any user who publicly supports Alter Bridge will no longer be able to view the official Creed or Scott Stapp Twitter accounts as Scott has begun to block every one that he comes across.

It came to the attention of fans yesterday evening when they could no longer access the official Creed or Scott Stapp Twitter pages and had in fact discovered they had been blocked from viewing it ever again. Fans started to message guitarist Mark Tremonti who knew nothing about it at the time but stated that Scott Stapp is the only one with access to the Creed account. Stapp took over the account two days ago when Michael Tremonti (Marks brother) stepped down from managing it. Mark attempted to put out the fires by stating he has no control over the situation but he appreciates everyone’s support for both of his bands.

Mark later tweeted a fan to say that Stapp wanted the Creed Twitter account to not mention Alter Bridge in any way. This could have been simply handled by asking the members to not talk about the band on the account but instead, Stapp decided it would be smart to block Alter Bridge fans including those who are fans of Creed. Mark Tremonti and Creed fan groups have also been blocked after Stapp took control because they support Alter Bridge also.

The official Creed account now has 45,180 followers at the time of writing this but if Stapp plans to continue blocking Alter Bridge fans then it is very likely that number will continue to decrease over time. Let’s hope he never needs the Creed account to promote his solo albums.

Scroll down below for a number of tweets from Michael and Mark Tremonti.

Just want everyone to know I stepped down from doing the @Creed social media two days ago. Avoiding being in the middle of anything. 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Attention @Creed fans! Direct your complaints about being blocked to @MarkTremonti. I do not want to be part of this. I’m sorry. 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@Romanh821 I have no idea what’s in Stapp’s head. Anyway, fine by me. More time for me to promote AB, Slash/Myles, & Tremonti solo. 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Wow, he’s blocking AB fans! Trouble in paradise? 1 day ago via Twitterrific ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@Dan_The_Man2011 @TremontiMichael
It’s a sad turn of events! Stapp is blocking AB fans for some reason. 1 day ago via Twitterrific ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

@Creed_Italy @brianamarshall
So sorry, Scott Stapp just took over Creed Twitter. The rest of us love you for all your support!!! 1 day ago via Twitterrific ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

He wants the Creed twitter to not mention AB. 1 day ago via Twitterrific ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto


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23 Responses to “Updated: Scott Stapp begins blocking Alter Bridge and Creed fans on the Creed Twitter account”

  1. Once an asshole, always an asshole. Mark, Brian and Flip–not to mention Myles Kennedy–do not deserve this blatant disrepect. Grow up, Scott.

  2. Michael, you’re in the UK, which is really more AB territory, so I’ll assume you’re a bit biased on that alone.
    However, I can see where Stapp is coming from. Do you know how many people probably send that guy, and his family hate messages and tweets. Constantly. A lot. I can understand why he would block a bunch of the haters.
    AB fans, especially one’s who just got into the band since the popularity of AB III should also remember that if the band did not reunite Creed, AB III would have probably taken a lot longer to fund and get out there

  3. This is really pathetic. I was a die hard Creed fan back in the day, and as I grew up and started to become a better musician myself I grew to have an undying love for Alter Bridge as well. A few years ago I saw Creed live again on their renuion tour and actually left early because Scott Stapp kept talking and talking and talking and had trouble hitting just about any note he was supposed to hit. I’m not hating on the guy I’m just being honest.

    Now after all the effort put into trying to be better and show fans that he’s not the same douche that caused so much controversy when they split, he’s back to making more bad decisions and making himself look like an egotistical a hole.

    PLEASE SCOTT! Look at Myles! The dude doesn’t have to tell you he’s bad ass or trash creed or anybody else. All he does is show up and perform as perfectly as he can at damn near every show. He treats the fans and his bandmates with respect.

    Beyond all that, it’s just common sense and time to grow up. All he has to do is perform and enjoy the fact that he has a career doing what he loves. Some people just can’t be happy I guess.

  4. Well you assume wrong there for a start as I was listening to Creed for many years before Alter Bridge appeared. Alter Bridge cover more territory because they tour the world unlike Creed. Speaking to Brian at the time of ‘AB III,’ he made it clear that Creed will only go as far as South America or Australia but otherwise they are staying primarily in the US. They could easily put on a worldwide tour but they won’t do it any time soon.

    I do agree with you that he likely gets a lot of hate mail, most of that will be stupid little trolls who are just following on the bandwagon from his stupidity years ago. He spent so long trying to show people that he was on a better path but he is just moving backwards.

    Go through all the comments on Twitter and you realise this isn’t just fans who jumped in when ‘AB III’ came out, these are fans who have followed Creed for many years. Go and read all of the pissed comments from people who are active supports of Creed and own every album plus merchandise. I read a comment from a guy who is flying from Utah to Chicago just to go and see them but Stapp has blocked him. Several fan groups have also been blocked. These are individuals who spend their time promoting the band for free but are suddenly cut off because they also like another band who just happen to be the side-project of Creed.

    All Mark is doing now is apologising to fans because he cannot understand why Stapp is doing such a stupid thing. If Myles did this on the Alter Bridge account, I’d be calling him an idiot and fans would be questioning his motives as this is destructive to the band.

  5. Scott Stapp has posted a tweet to state he is no longer in control of the Creed account and has now brought in a “professional moderator” but at the same time, he does NOT support cross promotion.

  6. Think this is hilarious blocking your bands guitarist from following the bands twitter page, if I were Mark I’d just quit the whole creed reunion thing and focus on the Solo project and AB

  7. I was going to start getting into Creed because of how much I like Alter Bridge… but if that’s the way he treats people… Fudge that guy

  8. Stapp’s just a prick… Seems like he is actually the biggest hater in that whole Creed/AB debate. Sad, sad, sad.

  9. I quit following Creed a long time ago because of Scott’s pride and blatant poor example for Christianity…like the world needs more reasons to hate the hypocrisy of Christians. I became a fan once again after the last album because I had hoped he had changed and because Mark Tremonti had obviously not held a grudge. Scott – if you read these posts, people want to like you but you make it impossible. Get grid of some of that ego and you would be surprised how much fans would forgive.

  10. I can tell you after reading some commentary from some of the AB fans who posted that a majority are clearly still venting about Creed’s reunion. Most comments are negative, about Stapp being a jerk and about how AB should be the guys #1 focus. Correct me if Im wrong but I don’t see Myles Kennedy promoting Creed on his twitter. As a fan of both Bands I think it’s unfair to keep bashing a guy for issues he had 8 years ago. Noone is perfect and it does nothing to benefit either band with all this fanboy in-fighting. People need to let it go and realize that both bands are great and that all this social media infighting is just causing internal problems in both bands camps. That being said I can certainly post on a separate page for each band. What’s the big deal? Other than the fact that it keeps trolls from posting unnecessary negative remarks. Grow up people. That is all.

  11. Scott Stapp is a little jealous ’cause he hasn’t any blue ray at n.2 on Amazon… Grow up Scott, and get over Myles’ talent!

  12. This is hilarious! But obviously April fools! (I hope).

  13. You’re right, Myles doesn’t promote Creed on his Twitter (other than a few RT he has done in the past) but that’s not got anything to do with this matter; he’s not a member of both bands, just one of them.

    ¾ of Creed is Alter Bridge and it would be expected that most, not all, Alter Bridge fans are in fact fans of Creed. I became a fan of Creed when I first heard ‘My Own Prison’ and I only checked out Alter Bridge because the line-up consisted of the majority of Creed – I had no idea who Myles Kennedy was at this time.

    The problem with all of this is, if an Alter Bridge fan wants to communicate with Creed then they should have the ability to do so without being blocked – unless they are of course just abusing the band then they are idiots and deserve to be blocked. I have read countless comments from fans of both bands that have been blocked, so just the fact that you support Alter Bridge in turn means you should be blocked, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Creed fan also. Some diehard Creed fans have even been blocked. Even if you’re not communicating with the band directly, you should still be able to follow them on Twitter to learn about the band and gain information about upcoming releases and tours. I follow plenty of people and bands on Twitter over my two accounts (personal and EspyRock) but I don’t communicate with them all, most of them I just enjoy reading what they have to say but I don’t think I should be blocked because I like another band.

    Stapp went out of his way to block accounts related to Alter Bridge that followed Creed because he does not want the account to cross promote them. If the account does not mention Alter Bridge then it is not promoting them, keep the content posted through the account directly focussed on Creed and Creed only, there should be no need to block anyone. Alter Bridge fan groups retweet a lot of content relating to Creed and that is because they are either fans or the more likely reason, it features three members of Alter Bridge. Creed are gaining more exposure through Alter Bridge channels this way and if they continue to have their content retweeted then it is only positive promotion so why on earth block accounts from viewing the content?

    It is unfair of him to turn round and say to the other three guys that they cannot talk to their fans about what they like through the Creed account because it may not promote Creed. Most fans will not even bother with the main account because they know they all communicate through their personal profiles.

    Stapp has supposedly hired someone to manage the Creed Twitter account now after this trouble but that means they are working directly for him and will follow his rules. Michael Tremonti was in charge of that but obviously Stapp doesn’t trust him because he does so much work for Alter Bridge, Mark and Myles.

    I don’t care about what happened in his past, in fact I have a lot of respect for him because he saw what a mess his life was in when he almost committed suicide and made it his goal to turn his life around for the better and move away from drugs and alcohol but this is a stupid move, a really stupid move. I’d hope he realises what a stupid mistake it is and looks to put it behind him but you know what most people are like, they are very unforgiving and will only have it out for him now.

  14. The PR company handling the Creed account is based out of Boca Raton, FL, the same city where Stapp lives. I can completely understand where Stapp is coming from having his people handle this who are also most likely in direct with the band’s label, Wind-Up. I’m sure since AB is no longer a Wind-Up band they probably don’t want to have anything to do with promoting AB in any way either.
    Go look at any of the band members personal tweets and Facebook messages and you’ll see a great majority of them that have talked about Creed in the past year are all met with AB fans giving derogatory comments towards both Stapp and Creed.

  15. I would assume that their are a lot of people dissing on creed cause they don’t like the fact that it takes time away from alter bridge however there are other reasons to not like creed, just because of stuff like this that stamp pulls, I remember a time when mark said he’d never go back to creed cuz of how it ended that things are just so much better working in the alter bridge format, that was said back stage of a small stage show in Indiana. Now that’s changed good for mark he loves what he does and will do whatever he can to make it all happen! A lot of creeds issues have to do with ab fans dissing Scott for his vocal talents verses Kennedy’s the fact is they have different ranges and singing styles and some like one better than the other and that’s not even getting into the guitar thing.

  16. this isn’t even what really happened LOL. Mark’s brother got the accts first and he was treating these real young girls like crap. He is known for losing his cool with AB fans all the time. Then he put AB content on the Creed wall which normally no biggie but considering it has been a bascially dead Creed wall fans went crazy saying they only want Creed news on it. Then when Scott gets back from Japan those girls parents sent complaints to Scott. Fans were tweeting Scott and the band like crazy. Scott said he was in Japan and not aware what was going on. Then it all went downhill from there. He was accused of blocking but who knows because he would have to be on the computer for days to access and block all those people one by one. I think the real deal on this all is unknown to us. Too bad Stapp of course will always get 100 percent of the blame. LOL

  17. What a Joke. I am a Fan of Both like it or not that is the way it is. For most of us . I am pretty sure of that. I have seen Creed and Loved them. And plan on seeing AB also in future. Why be so childish about this. This has ruined many a great bands. Get over your self Stapp. Or you will lose all FANS. ROCK ON CREED & AB this world is big enough for all.

  18. seriously, im very die hard AB fan, also die hard of myles, mark, brian and flip. i always love and support all of their projects! but stapp is an idiot and shitmaker, he is jealous about myles, cause this guy is a fucking killer vocalranger. can you just imagine that slash is blocking all AB fans on twitter, cause of myles? or if myles would block all creed fans on AB twitter. NO. cause they are classy, they are all, apart from stapp.

  19. Michael Tremonti is a complete liability in my opinion, and I can completely understand why Scott would want him anywhere near their social media. Just yesterday MT blocked over 200 Alter Bridge fans from their Facebook page in a disgraceful show of unprofessionalism.

  20. Michael Tremonti is a complete liability in my opinion, and I can completely understand why Scott Stapp would not want him anywhere near their social media. Just yesterday MT blocked over 200 Alter Bridge fans from their Facebook page in a disgraceful show of unprofessionalism.


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