Velvet Revolver could be back with straight up rock

After Scott Weiland left the band, it was a case of, do the members find someone to take his place or call it a day and move on.

Slash has said the band would go on but nothing has been heard since Slash made that statement when the band took their break.

In a recent interview with Matt Sorum who was filling in as drummer on tour with Motorhead, he was asked by if the band would return.

I think it will. We have been e-mailing back and forth in search of a singer, so we have high expectations. We looked for a long time before we got Scott.

Sorum commented that the first album worked well, the band wrote about 50 songs and Scott Weiland came in, picked the songs and started to sing but the second album was not so good stating “we fell prey to more of what Scott wanted to do and we wanted to do straight up rock and roll”

When we went to write the second album, it seemed to take different road, which I always wanted to make a harder record, but I think we went a little lighter and the fans didn’t really care for that much.

I think this time around we would like to make a real strong rock album and stick with more of our roots.

So prepare for the future if Velvet Revolver fill the vacant frontman slot!


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