Velvet Revolver to seek new singer in 2011

In an interview with Spinner, Slash was again asked about the split in Velvet Revolver with frontman Scott Weiland. This time Slash has spoken a little more about the mental state of the members.

“Velvet Revolver was intended to be a lot of fun and we started off having a great time, but I think that we all had a lot of chemical issues as that thing wore on,” Slash tells Spinner during a promo stop for his eponymous debut album. “I definitely went way down the f—ing drain for a minute there after the ‘Contraband’ record came out and we went on tour for two years.”

“During the ‘Contraband’ tour I started drinking heavily and revisited my opiate passion, then had to come out of it so eventually I had to say that’s it. Certainly Scott had his issues, even Duff and Matt went down the same road. The only one that stayed sober during the whole thing was f—ing Dave Kushner,” he laughs.

“We all eventually came out of it and made the ‘Libertad’ record, which I thought, musically, was a good record but we lost Scott and we never regained that. I thought the overall spirit of everything was declining at that point so by the end of the last tour Scott was here and we were here [motions with hands in different places] and cancelling that Australian tour was the final blow.”

“It’s actually not that big a deal. He went straight back to Stone Temple Pilots, which was sort of planned — he was going to do a summer tour with them anyway — and now that he’s back in there I’m sort of happy for him. I think STP actually belongs together. No matter how difficult it is, it seems to be their destiny to work out their shit.

“I still love the guy and there’s not really any hard feelings about the whole thing. I even hung out with him recently. It’s definitely not like the Guns N’ Roses situation, which is f—ing deep and nasty, this is no big deal.”

“We’re going to reconvene next year, look at the singers again, and try to find the right guy to make the most bitchin’ Velvet Revolver record,” he says. “Oh yeah, Velvet Revolver still exists.”


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10 Responses to “Velvet Revolver to seek new singer in 2011”

  1. TARSHA Sheldon Tarsha to front Velvet Revolver

  2. just sign Myles kennedy already

  3. Myles has already turned him down it seems.

  4. Myles Kennedy is the shit!!! He is the choice.

  5. I agree sign Myles Kennedy already He’s shit!!!

  6. Get Eric Dover back – he was kool and he could sing!

  7. Myles Kennedy is the obvious choice but he has politely declined. Moving on, the UK guy that was rumoured on Rolling Stone is still very much in the mix. Watch and listen people. He is awesome. Kind of Myles Kennedy but better (this is possible, just!)

  8. i am definitely a fan or velvet. and stp. both were my music influences. even for John C.(former vocals of motley and union and scream). My voice kinda matches the “Barnacle Voice” of rock, John C. and formerly associated to a band called Mafia Cortz. I would loved to be invited for an audition. somewhat, is my real big dream in life… to work with the icons.

    crack the crackerman<— jiro amano

  9. I’ve ehared the the UK guy has been auditioned and has even jammed with VR in L.A. No it’s definitely not Royston Langdon.

  10. After hearing Scott Weiland doing ‘SLITHER’ about 2 dozen times (2009 version) I clicked on espyrock only to find out they were getting a new singer.So I started checking out and found a 2011 version with probably the new guy doing ‘slither’and not as good at all.He’s trying too hard and quit fucking ending lines with what sounds like to me a fake texas accent. Nothing wrong if you can make it work. Too bad cause Weiland Stays totally smooth and even.His timing and spacing totally match the changing tempo ,especially going up-tempo without losing key . You’re never in doubt that he’s with you the whole song.