Want to see RED tour UK & Europe?

Those of us living in the UK or Europe, are sometimes let down that bands from the US never/take forever to come and share their music in a live environment with us.

Well here is how you can solve that with one of the best bands touring right now.

On Sunday morning, RED posted on their Twitter account to discover how many European fans they have following them on Twitter! – Twitter Post

In general I know there is a good following in the UK, especially in Glasgow, Scotland, so I replied to the band to state this and in hope that it would add fuel to the fire.

This morning I woke up to find a direct message from the band in my Twitter inbox stating:

pass on our Twitter info. We are going to get as many fans barking at us as we can to come overseas. It takes more than a fewR30;

Message from RED

Message from RED

So, if you want to see RED appear in the UK and Europe, there is what you need to do, tell the band over and over how much you want to see them live!

Work with us here at EspyRock and get the band in your country as soon as possible by doing either of the following.

You can leave a comment at the bottom of this post and we will pass on information to the band or simply copy and paste the following into Twitter:

I want to see @REDTOURING in the UK & Europe – http://is.gd/4i1lZ – @EspyRock

Get commenting or get Tweeting now folks!

Check out the videos below:

Death of Me



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