Watch new AFI “Medicate” Video

“Medicate” is the first single off the new AFI album “Crash Love”.

“Crash Love” is the eighth studio album AFI, released September 29th, which opened to mixed reviews but is regarded by Davey Havok as his proudest AFI record.

The album by which we’ll be remembered

When Davey Havok was asked to talk about the style of the album, he had this to say:

I would really describe this as a rock record, a really straightforward rock record. I don’t think we’ve ever recorded one of those before, we’ve released hardcore records and we’ve released very multi-layered alt-rock records but this is the most straightforward rock record I think we’ve ever written so for us that is another matter of progression. Certainly creating a rock record is nothing new in [relation] to the greater world of rock music but for us it’s something we’ve never done before so it’s very fresh for us.

Medicate has been available to purchase since August 25th and the band release the video for your pleasure, enjoy!


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