Whitechapel release album artwork, tracklisting for new album

Whitechapel have released the cover art and track listing for their third full-length release ‘A New Era of Corruption’, out June 7th in the UK.

“The album is finally 100 per cent complete and we couldn’t be more excited. I think this record truly represents where we are as musicians at this point in our career. ‘A New Era of Corruption’ is the heaviest and most aggressive material we have written to date,” comments guitarist and founding member Alex Wade.

Track listing:

1. Devolver
2. Breeding Violence
3. The Darkest Day of Man
4. Reprogrammed to Hate
5. End of Flesh
6. Unnerving
7. A Future Corrupt
8. Prayer of Mockery
9. Murder Sermon
10. Nercomechanical
11. Single File to Dehumanization

The artwork for ‘A New Era of Corruption’ was done by Brent Elliot White who has also handled cover artwork for bands like Job for a Cowboy and Carnifex.  The album also features guest vocals from Vincent of The Acacia Strain on the track Murder Sermon and Chino from the Deftones on the track Reprogrammed to Hate.

Whitechapel: A New Era Of Corruption


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